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Anita Decker, VIP

Anita Decker, VIP Anita Decker joined the Community Band in 1987 and is an all-important member. She started out playing the bass drum because the band needed one. Now she not only plays the string bass, timpani, and sings, but also takes care of many laborious jobs for the band. She's the one who types up the list of members, promotes the band with the media, greets new members to make them feel welcome, and takes care of many details.

Anita began her musical career in the 3rd grade playing the clarinet. She began playing the string bass and timpani in high school. Singing was also an early love for her and she became a voice major in college. She's sung with many groups, including an auditorial group. She uses her many talents at every concert, playing the bass and timpani, and singing "The Star Spangled Banner."

We couldn't get along without her.

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